About Hirofumi

Tokyo-based radio/TV journalist, Hirofumi Nakano

HIrofumi Nakano is Tokyo-based broadcast and print journalist. Hiro is fluent in English and Japanese. His reports has been used at such news programs as PRI’s The World (U.S. based radio program, produced by PRI, BBC and WGBH), and NHK World (English news program for international audience).

Hirofumi's past clients includes


  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • NHK/NHK World TV
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • Fuji Television


  • PRI, BBC, WGBH (Public Radio station in Boston) – PRI’s The World
  • J-WAVE
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • Tokyo FM


Repoprter/Program host

As a reporter from Washingtn D.C., Hirofumi dispatching daily reports on wide ranges of subjects from politics to sports. Back in Japan, he also a host of various news programs.


Reporter/News analyst

He appears on television time to time as a news analyst, explaining news from around the world. He also reports on news in Japan to the international audience in English language .

Print media


Herofumi earned Master’s degree of Journalism from Emerson College in Boston. He has written expansive list of articles on numerous subjects in various magazines and newspapers around the country.


Multimedia and beyond

Hirofumi goes beyond traditional media, working in online journalism, as well as radio commercial, voice over for educational applications and podcasts.

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Thanks for visiting my interactive profile. If you need a telephone report for news in Japan, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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You can contact me from the contact page or send me an email at hiro@hirofuminakano.com I look forward to hearing from you!